Independent producer YoussefEl-Deeb is on a mission to break Egyptian cinema out internationally.

El-Deeb's Takhayalproduction company is here with an as-yet unnamed film based around Egypt's1967 disastrous war with Israel, a project he says will have "Top Gun" elements and is intended to appeal to the youngermarket.

Anotheris a biopic of the last king of Egypt, called Farouk The First'And Last, which he hopes will attract a big-name English actorin the key role of British ambassador.

Both are labours of love forformer TV executive El-Deeb, whohas returned to Egypt after growing up in Canada.

"In terms of population, thecountry is big emough to sustain a film industry but the number of filmsproduced has dropped to around 20 year. Reversing the trend means making filmsthat appeal to young people in Egypt, the Middle East and beyond."

El-Deeb says the success ofIranian film shows that there is an appetite for films from the region,particularly in Europe.