Danish commercials and documentary outfit Easy Film has launched a feature arm headed by producer Sanne Glaesel.

The start-up, which has already associate produced Swede Roy Andersson's highly-anticipated Cannes competitor Songs From The Second Floor, is developing an adaptation of Danish author Leif Davidsen's award-winning 1998 novel Peter Lime (Limes Billede). Davidsen previously wrote such international bestsellers as The Russian Singer, which was adapted in 1993, and The Serbian Dane, an adaptation of which is set to start shooting for Denmark's Thura Film in association with state broadcaster DR.

Peter Lime has been published in Norway, Sweden, France, Holland, the UK, Italy and sold 80,000 copies in Germany. The novel is set in Berlin and Madrid, giving the adaptation international funding potential.

Easy aquired rights to Peter Lime last year, and Norwegian writer Lars Bill Lundholm, whose credits include Zero Kelvin and mini-series Vendetta and The Zone, is adapting the novel for Swedish director Rickard Petrelius. Petrelius has directed award-winning TV-series Blue Print, as well as commercials and documentaries.

Easy is also developing The Prince And The Waiter, a children's feature from Thomas Winding. The company hopes to secure Nordic and international co-producers for the project.