The multi-award winning Spanish shorts director Eduardo Chapero Jackson is looking to shoot his first feature film, titled Verbo, this summer.

“I have written the script for the film, which will be an action adventure, and I hope to shoot it this year,” Chapero Jackson told ScreenDaily.

The film will be produced by Enrique Lopez Lavigne, a respected figure in the Spanish industry who has worked on several key titles including Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s 28 Weeks Later and Julio Medem’s Sex And Lucia.

Lavigne confirmed that they plan to shoot the film this summer and are currently getting the financing in place.

Chapero-Jackson has already written and directed three short films, all of which were produced by Prosopopeya Producciones. His first, Contracuerpo, which dealt with he issue of anorexia through they eyes of a young girl, picked up a Goya nomination for best short in 2005. He followed this with Alumbramiento in 2007, a dark but human film about a dying woman, which picked up five awards, including best short at the 2007 European Film Awards. And in 2008, he made modern-day western The End.

Pepe Jordana, head of Prosopopeya Producciones and the producer of all of Chapero- Jackson’s shorts, told ScreenDaily: “His films, aside from using little dialogue, portray very human subjects and feelings, which would appeal all over the world.”