Stars newly confirmed to attend the European Film Awards in Berlin on December 1 include Germany's Maria Schrader whose latest film is Rosenstrasse; Maria Bonnevie (Sweden, I Am Dina, Dragonfly [aka Oyenstikker]); Joely Richardson (UK, The Affair Of The Necklace); Fabrizio Gifuni (Italy, L'Amore Probabilmente); Paul Rhys (UK, From Hell); Renee Soutendijk (Netherlands, Dial 9 For Love, With Great Joy [Met Grote Blijdschap]); Udo Kier (Germany, FearDotCom, The 8th Day, Invincible).

They join previously announced guests including who include: Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge); Iben Hjejle (The Emperor's New Clothes); Til Schweiger (Driven, Now Or Never); Marie Baumer (Der Schuh Des Manitu); Ben Becker (Die Meisterdiebe, Frau2 Sucht HappyEnd); Moritz Bleibtreu (Das Experiment, Fandango); Daniel Bruehl (Nichts Bereuen, Vaya Con Dios); Daniel Craig (The Road To Perdition); Heike Makatsch (Resident Evil, Late Night Shopping); Mads Mikkelsen (En Kort En Lang, Monas Verden); and Richy Mueller (Fandango).

German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, minister of state for culture Julian Nida-Rumelin and director Wim Wenders will also attend.