Beki Probst, European Film Market (EFM) chief, has had more meetings during this year's edition of the market than in any other previous EFM.

She now seems more convinced of the case for expansion, but remains concerned to pick the right way forward.

"Either we stay [in the existing building] or we go. People talk about getting bigger - and I have had a few meeting with US companies interested for next year - but I want facts," said Probst. "I'm concerned that we keep our touch, we want to stay an efficient place to do business."

Probst is examining a number of ways to increase capacity within the existing market and festival framework. These could include a re-arrangement of some stands and recovering for 35mm projection the three theatres currently dedicated to video screenings. Digital screenings would then have to find a new home.

On this year's edition Probst said: "There was a very large number of people here and the buyers seem very happy that they had a good time this year. More and more of the transactions here are taking place at the project, script or pre-sale stage. There were lots of forward-looking discussions."