Mocha Aguilar'sstart-up Spanish sales house El Dorado Internacional has picked up rights on acatalogue of films from Academy Award winning director-producer Jose LuisGarci.

The catalogue includes all ofGarci's films, including new feature Ninette, one of three currentfinalists pre-selected for Spain's nomination to this year's foreign-languageOscar.

Also included isthe director's 1982 Oscar winner To Begin Again (Volver A Empezar) andGarci productions such as Antonio Gimenez Rico's Danube Hotel (HotelDanubio).

Ninette is an adaptationof a well-known theatre play about a Spanish man's first international voyageand love affair with a Parisian seductress. The film was released in Spain byDeA Planeta on August 12 and has earned Euros 1.5m at the local box office.

Former Aurum international salesdirector Mocha Aguilar launched El Dorado earlier this year, taking Aurum'sinternational catalogue with her. Films on that slate include CarmenMaura-starrer Searching For Love (Entre Vivir Y Sonar) and VictoriaAbril vehicle School Of Seduction (Escuela De Seduccion).