EM Media, the regional screen agency for the UK’s East Midlands, has launched a new initiative – Kickstart –offering production companies up to $3100 (£2000) in exchange for mentoring an intern on their next shoot.

The Skillset-backed scheme promises to give five final year students from the University of Lincoln’s Media Production degree course the chance to intern on a film shoot between November 2010 and May 2011.

In return, production companies with receive a contribution of up to $3,100 (£2,000) per intern towards the cost of engaging them on the production, with heads of departments being expected to mentor the interns throughout their time on the shoot. The students will be placed in roles within either the art, production design, sound, camera, editing, locations, production, hair and make up or costume departments.

In order to apply, production companies must have at least one feature or documentary production behind them and have a current production with financing in place which is due to be in pre production, production or post production between November 2010 and mid March 2011.