Entertainment programmer and channel packaging group Encore International (EI) is to buy over 300 hours of feature films and drama series for resale into China.

The pictures will be shown in a new primetime slot on China Central Television's Everyday Jiayi (Everyday Best Entertainment) brand, moving from EI's previous variety entertainment format.

Film suppliers signed up under the new five-year agreement include Morgan Creek, Canal Plus, Southern Star, Beyond International and Ellipse. Morgan Creek,s Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves, The Last Of The Mohicans, Diabolique and Ace Ventura will be among the first to screen in a Sunday movie slot.

Canal Plus library titles include Crimes Of The Heart, Carmen and Love In Another Town. Sony Entertainment is supplying The Karate Kid, Silverado and Steel Magnolias, while Carlton's back catalogue gets an outing with The Lady Vanishes. EI's recently renewed contract with CCTV is backed by a print and TV advertising campaign for the two hours a day strand. And it allows EI to sell advertising and sponsorship to major studios.