Patrick Ewald's Epic Pictures is talking to buyers here about five new
titles, led by Enso Entertainment and KRU Studios' thriller Deadline
starring Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch.

The roster includes PolarStar Pictures' high school musical The Jerk
Theory starring Tom Arnold, Jenna Dewan and Josh Henderson and Steele
Films' romance Lie To Me starring Brandon Routh.

Ewald will also be talking up the comedy Capers starring Danny
Masterson and Dominique Swain and produced by Michael Cecchi, Brett
Halsey, Danny Masterson and David Steck as well as the sci-fi
adventure Atom Nine produced by Christopher Farley.

Epic recently wrapped production on the thriller Luster, a
co-production with Azurelite Entertainment directed by Adam Mason, as
well as the sci-fi action tale Infected: The Beginning, about a
man-made monster that wreaks havoc on a remote island. Ewald is
showing fresh footage from both titles.