Following on a US deal withNetflix's Red Envelope, I'm Reed Fish has now gone to Equinoxe Films for Canada.

The deal was negotiated byCAA's Roeg Sutherland and Brian Kavanaugh Jones, as well as SubmarineEntertainment's Josh Braun, on behalf of Squared Foot producer Bader Alwazzan.Marie-Claude Poulin negotiated the deal on behalf of Equinoxe Films.ContentFilm International has worldside sales.

The Squared Foot Production,a coming-of-age comedy, stars Jay Baruchel and Alexis Bledel.

'I'm Reed Fish is a wonderfully entertaining film with a great mixof comedy and real heart,' said Marie-Claude Poulin. 'Equinoxe is very excitedto bring it to Canadian theatres.'

Montreal-based EquinoxeFilms has previously released films including The Passion Of The Christ and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.