Eragon has ended CasinoRoyale's reign at the top of the international box office chart. The FoxInternational fantasy adventure grossed an estimated $30.3m over the weekend inits 76-territory day-and-date launch, while Sony's James Bond outing --international leader for the past four weeks -- took an estimated $21m from 64markets.

Fox International executives saidthey were pleased with Eragon's international debut on 6,128 screens,comparing the opening to those for King Arthur, The Mummy and thefirst Pirates of the Caribbean.

Based on Christopher Paolini'sbest-selling young adult novel and directed by Stefen Fangmeier, effects-heavy Eragonhit international markets the same weekend it opened in the US (where it camein second with an estimated gross of $23.4m). The Fox 2000 project, the mostexpensive produced by the label to date, is expected to be number one in 22international markets.

Among those markets are Spain,where the film grossed an estimated $4.2m from 500 screens; Germany, where ittook $4.1m from 862; and Mexico, where the gross was $2.3m from 797 screens.

Eragon ranked second inAustralia, where it grossed $1.6m from 321 screens, and Japan, where it took$2.2m from 561. Ranking has yet to be determined in Russia, but the filmmanaged $2.2m from 490 screens in that country.

One weak spot was the UK, whereinterest in the casting of unknown British 18-year-old Ed Speleers in the titlerole may have been outweighed by harsh reviews, resulting in a fourth-placegross of $2.7m from 429 screens.

Fox executives expect Eragonto perform well in its remaining Latin American territories, including Braziland Argentina, and in Korea. The film opens next weekend in Brazil, France andItaly.

Casino Royale's $21m (from7,090 screens) took the film's international total to $280.3m, making it, saidSony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), the most successful James Bondfilm of all time outside North America (Die Another Day previously heldthat title, with $271m from international markets).

Casino opened at number onein Brazil, with $3.1m from 361 screens. It was down a modest 39% in its fourthweekend in Germany, with $3.2m from 1,070 screens, for a running total of$35.8m; it fell 47% in its fifth weekend in the UK, with $2.95m from 793screens, for a total of $85.3m; and it dropped 44% in Australia in its secondweekend, retaining top spot with $2.9m from 401 screens, for a total of $10.5m.The fourth weekend take in France was down 44% to $1.6m from 680 screens, for a$21m total.

The film opens next weekend inKorea, Hong Kong and Central America.

Uinversal's The Holiday,distributed by UIP, took an estimated $14m in its second international weekend,from 2,450 dates in 28 territories. It opened with $2.7m from 541 dates inGermany and with $2.6m from 230 dates in Korea. Both openings were 20% biggerthan those for Bridget Jones's Diary, said UIP.

In the UK, the romantic comedy was down just 34%,with $3.1m from 430 dates, for a 10-day total of $11.6m. It opens next weekendin 12 more territories, including Brazil.

Warner Bros International's HappyFeet grossed an estimated $12.8m from 5,800 prints in 39 markets, bringingthe animated film's running international total to $59.7m.

In its second weekend in the UK,it held onto top spot with an estimated $4m -- down only 26% -- from 469situations, for a running total of $13.1m. Second week gross in France was down43% to $1.4m from 830 prints, for a total of $4.3m. Second week takings inSpain amounted to $1m from 470 prints, for a territory total of $5.8m.

Buena Vista International's DejaVu took an estimated $9m from 2,890 screens in 16 territories, bringing theinternational cumulative total for the sci-fi thriller to $22.5m.

The picture was bettered only by local hits inFrance and Italy, making $2m from 485 screens in the former market and $1.3mfrom 385 in the latter. It opened in the UK with $2.1m from 475 screens and inRussia with $750,000 from 200.

Paramount and DreamWorks' FlushedAway, handled by UIP, pulled in an estimated $8.2m from 4,674 screensacross 44 territories, bringing the international total for the animatedAardman project to $46.8m.

Opening in Mexico, the film took$1.1m from 673 locations, and making its debut in Brazil it took $711,000 from355 screens. Among holdover markets, it grossed $1.4m from 444 screens in theUK, for a territory total of $11.3m.

Warner's The Departed addedan estimated $4.2m to its international haul, from 2,600 prints in 40 markets.The film's international total now stands at $108.4m

The same studio'sJapanese-language Letters from Iwo Jima held onto top spot in Japan,dropping just 30% to an estimated $2.9m from 401 prints.

Lionsgate Films Internationalreported a weekend estimate of $1.4m from 32 markets for Saw III, givingthe horror sequel a running international total of $58.4m.

Paramount and Walden Media'sUIP-distributed Charlotte's Web grossed an estimated $915,000 from 253locations over its second weekend in Australia, down only 6% for a local totalof $2.4m.

Universal's Children Of Men,another UIP release, managed an estimated $300,000 from 280 dates in 20territories, bringing its international total for UIP territories to $27.2m.Total for all territories stands at $32m.