Eric Christenson has been promoted to executive vice president, sales and distribution, at Myriad Pictures, from his previous position as senior vice president of acquisitions and distribution.

Christenson will oversee all aspects of the sales and distribution team at Myriad and London-based J&M Entertainment; both Myriad and J&M are owned by Germany's IN-Motion AG.

In his new role, he will supervise sales and all aspects of marketing, servicing and collections worldwide. He will continue to report to Kirk D'Amico, president of Myriad.

The newly combined Myriad and J&M has new titles on its slate such as People I Know starring Al Pacino and Kim Basinger and The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal which are both fully financed by Myriad.

Among the J&M staff who will report to Christenson are Tony Lyttle, senior vice president of television distribution, Gary Phillips, senior vice president of international distribution, and Alex Walton, sales executive, as well as US-based Myriad staff Nicolas Chartier, vice president of sales and acquisitions, and D'Arcy Conrique, sales executive.

Christenson formerly worked with Mark Damon as vice president of worldwide distribution at Behaviour Worldwide, director of international distribution at MDP Worldwide and manager of international distribution at Vision International.