Legendary ET creator Carlo Rambaldi is lining up an animation feature about a human being who ends up on another planet.

The picture, entitled Jo Dark, will be directed by Rambaldi's son, Victor, whose credits as director include 1995's Decoy and 1988 movie Primal Rage.

Jo Dark, which is planned as an Italian-UK-German project is due to go into production this year. World-wide distribution rights are handled by Roberto Di Girolamo's Rome-based sales company, Filmexport, which is pitching the film as a "reverse ET".

Filmexport's MIFED slate also includes El Polaquito, a Spanish-Argentinian drama about a thirteen-year-old street singer who makes a living singing in trains at Buenos Aires Central Station. Directed by Juan Carlos Desanzo, the picture picked up the best actress award at this year's Montreal Film Festival.

Also on Filmexport's slate is Fashion Shoot, a thriller about three models who are chosen to pose for a famous photographer. The picture will start shooting later this month.