At a time when Hollywood is supposedly embracing re-releases, UIP's 20th anniversary edition of Steven Spielberg's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial took just $6.6 million from 26 international territories over the Easter weekend.

The 1982 hit played to most success in Mexico, where it claimed $1.4 million in four days, and the UK, where it was on $1.15 million in five days. In Spain, the film landed in the country's top five with a six-day take of $911,270, while it took a massive $443,666 in six days from just 28 screens in Hong Kong.

UIP chief Paul Oneile said that the figures were towards the bottom end of expectations but were in line with estimates, although the distributor was not expecting "massive" numbers.

Other results so far include: Germany ($502,846); Italy ($452,624); Brazil ($282,623); Australia ($251,122); Venezuela ($126,536); Argentina ($119,731); Israel ($109,849); Portugal ($106,911); Denmark ($100,363); and Peru ($75,087 from 22 screens).

"One possibility is that re-releases need to be cult films," suggested one rival distributor. "You need an in-built fan base. Just being a massive hit is not enough."

On its original release, E.T. won four Oscars from nine nominations, grossing $305 million in international box office. The re-release, which boasts new scenes amongst other updates, is likely to the see the film regain the all-time top 15 internationally. Before the re-release, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was at number 15 with $312 million.

The re-release opens in France and South Korea this week.