Some 764 feature films were produced in the 25 Member Statesof the European Union in 2004, a slight increase on 2003 according to EuropeanAudiovisual Observatory figures.

Thefigures are up 2% compared to 2003 when 750 films were produced in the EU.

The EAO concludes that the Spanish production grew in 2004,completing a total of 92 entirely nationally financed films, 24 more than in2003.

In France the number of entirely nationally produced filmsalso rose from 105 films in 2003 to 130 in 2004. But a sharp fall-off in thenumber of French majority co-productions (from 78 in 2003 to 37 in 2004) meantthat the overall total for the year was lower (167 'French-initiative' films in2004 as opposed to 183 in 2003).

German producers also increased their activity, with a totalof 60 entirely national films produced in 2004 (54 in 2003).

In Italy production levels remained stable at 111 films,though there was a noteworthy increase in the number of co-productionsinvolving Italian producers as minority partners (from 7 in 2003 to 23 in2004).

Overall United Kingdom production levels dipped as thenumber of entirely nationally financed films going into production fell back,though the number of co-productions involving UK producers remained stable.

Among the smaller markets, Austria (+4 films), Finland (+5films) and Sweden (+9 films) all showed increases. Provisional figures for Belgium, Ireland and Portugal show thatoverall production levels in these countries were stable.

In Denmark, Greece and the Netherlands, however, 2004 was aless productive year whilst in Hungary and Poland production levels werestable.