Eurimages, the Council of Europe's film fund, has announced aslate of nine films to receive its latest round of support. Eurimageswill back the European co-productions with a total investment of $3.6m (Euros2.8m).

The films are:

Noemie Lvovsky's L'ami de Fred Astaire (France-Switzerland)

Eric Rohmer's Les amours d'Astree et de Celadon(France-Spain-Italy)

Sinisa Dragin's Daca Bobul Nu Moare: AkoZrno Ne Umre(If the Seed doesn't die) (Romania-Serbia and Montenegro-Austria)

Omer Ugur'sEve Donus(Turkey-Greece)

Semir Aslanyurek's Eve Giden Yol (Turkey-Hungary)

Momcilo Mrdakovic's Mamarosh (Germany-Serbiaand Montenegro-France-Hungary)

Marco Simon Puccioni's Riparo (Italy-France)

Emilio Martinez-Lazaro's Las Trece Rosas (Spain-Italy)

Nanouk Leopold's Wolfsbergen(Netherlands-Belgium)

Eurimages also provided funding to distributors forspecific films. Those awards are:

Filmcasino and Polyfilm Betriebsgesmbh (Austria) for Georges Gachot's Maria Bethania - Musica e Perfume

Art Company (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Cecile Telerman's Tout Pour Plaire

Blitz Film & VideoDistribution (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Alex De La Iglesia's Crimen Ferpecto

Ekran (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Diane Bertrand's L'Annulaire
Issa Film I Video (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Antonio Hernandez's Oculto

Tropik Film & Video (Bosnia and Herzegovina) for Emmanuelle Bercot's Backstage

Bulgarska Distributorska (Bulgaria) for Darko Mitrevski's Bal Can Can

Blitz Film & VideoDistribution (Croatia) for Alex De La Iglesia's Crimen Ferpecto
Continental Film (Croatia) for Frederic Fonteyne's La Femme De Gilles

Pa-Dora (Croatia) for Bertrand Blier's Combien Tu M'aimes

UCD-Distribucija(Croatia) for Francois Ozon's Le Temps Qui Reste
Clorofilm (Romania) for Carlos Saura's Iberia

Independenta Film (Romania) for Benito Zambrano's Habana Blues

Moebius Association (Romania) for Marc Rothemund's Sophie Scholl - TheLast Days

S.C. Cinecorvin(Romania) for Jorgen Leth &Lars Von Trier's DeFem Benspaend

S.C. GrafittiArt 2005 (Romania) for Lengyel Andor's Fej Vagy Iras

S.C. InterfilmRom (Romania) for Peter Rudolf's Uvegtigris

Transilvania Film (Romania) for Costa Gavras' Le Couperet

MCF Megacom(Serbia and Montenegro) for Raoul Ruiz's Le Domaine Perdu

Millennium Film & Video(Serbia and Montenegro) for Gerard Jugnot's Boudu

Mirius Tuck (Serbia and Montenegro) for Pasquale Scimeca's Passione Di Giosue l'Ebreo

Orion Invest Film (Serbia and Montenegro) for Antonio Hernandez's Oculto
Balkan Film (FYROM) for Montxo Armendariz'sObaba

Youth Cultural Center (FYROM) for Cecile Telerman'sTout Pour Plaire

Bir Film Ithalat (Turkey) for Christoffer Boe's Allegro

Pi Film, Reklam(Turkey) for Francois Ozon's Le Temps Qui Reste

Seker Organizasyon(Turkey) for Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu's Peindre Ou Faire L'amour

In addition, the Eurimages' Cinema Support scheme hasadded three cinemas to bring its total to 41: Kino Uraniain Osijek, Croatia; Union de in Bucharest, Romania;and The Cultural Centre cinema in Bitola, The formerYugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Council of Europeestablished Eurimages in 1988 to supportco-production, distribution and exhibition of European films. It has supported1081 films with a total of $405m (Euros 314m).