Eurimages, the Council of Europe-backed production finance body, has pumped $3.58m (Euros3.75m) into European co-productions in its second round of funding this year.

After a funding round in Budapest (July 3-5), Eurimages announced that it will provide production finance for 11 features and underwrite the release of a further 19 European pictures by specialist distributors.

Eurimages introduced two new categories for production funding in March; the first for projects with the potential to travel internationally and a second judged on the basis of artistic merit.

Four titles are being backed under the first scheme: Spanish director Pedro Olea's Cafe Cortado, a Spanish-Portuguese-Mexican production, How Harry Became A Tree, a four-way production involving Italy, Ireland, France and the UK and directed by Goran Paskaljevic, Hungarian director Istvan Szabo's Taking Sides, a German-French co-production and Jacques Rivette's Va Savoir, a three-way co-production between France, Germany and Italy.

Seven titles were chosen for funding under the second scheme:

  • Agua E Sal (dir: Teresa Villaverde) (Portugal, Italy)
  • Csodalatos Mandarin Halala (dir: Marta Meszaros) (Hungary, Poland, China)
  • Ein Deutscher Anatolier (dirs: Merlyn Solakhan & Manfred Blank) (Germany, Turkey, Switzerland)
  • Filantropica (dir: Nae Caranfil) (Romania, France)
  • A Jangada De Pedra (dir: George Sluizer) (Netherlands, Spain)
  • Die Klavierspielerin (dir: Michael Haneke) (Austria, France)
  • No Man's Land (dir: Danis Tanovic) (France, Italy, Belgium, UK, Slovenia)
  • The awards to distributors went to:

  • Ady Films (Bulgaria) for Volaverunt (La Maja Desnuda).
  • Duga Art Film (Bulgaria) for Le Libertin.
  • Top Films International (Bulgaria) for Entre Las Piernas and Hijos Del Viento.
  • Vadi Van Kris (Bulgaria) for Rembrandt Van Rijn.
  • Artcam/Sirena Film (Czech Republic) for Summer Or 27 Kisses.
  • Butterfly Entertainment (Czech Republic) for Himalaya, L'enfance D'un Chef.
  • Cineinvest (Czech Republic) for La Veuve De Saint-Pierre.
  • Cinemart (Czech Republic) for Luna Papa.
  • Budapest Film (Hungary) for Train De Vie.
  • Mokep (Hungary) for Tuvalu.
  • Gutek Film (Poland) for La Fidelite.
  • Tantra DMPC (Poland) for Navrat Idiota.
  • Continental Film (Slovakia) for Luna Papa.
  • Walter Nittnaus - WN Danubius Film (Slovakia) for Adieu, Plancher Des Vaches.
  • Agora Films (Switzerland) for Princesses.
  • Film Co-operative Zurich (Switzerland) for Erleuchtung Garantiert.
  • Frenetic Films (Switzerland) for Route Nationale 7.
  • Xenix Film Distribution (Switzerland) for Les Autres Filles.
  • Belge Film (Turkey) for Code Inconnu and Signs And Wonders.