The European video market grew last year by 27% to a retail value of Euros11.2bn according to trade body, the International Video Federation (IVF).

The figures are a significant increase on the IVF's preliminary estimate of 15% expansion. The new figures also show an acceleration when compared with 2001, which registered a growth rate of 20%.

"Feature film remains the largest segment of the market, on VHS and more so on DVD," said Charlotte Lund Thomsen, IVF director general. " But 2002 also marked the emergence of other genres; cartoons, music, comedy and television programming, including drama, documentary and sport. Across all markets, we also saw a significant expansion of the range and breadth of content on offer."

According to the IVF data the number of DVD players in operation in Europe more than doubled from 12.9 million in 2001 to 28 million at the end of 2002. It also noted that while VHS may now be in decline, with 125 million players in circulation, it is not about to disappear.