EuropaCorp has restructured its sales team and brought in two new international sales directors, the company said in a statement Wednesday evening. Marie-Laure Montironi joined Europa this month while Pascal Degove will take up his new post as of May.

Montironi is an industry veteran who was instrumental in the development of M6's international arm before spendingseven years at Tele Images/Marathon as head of the international department.

Degove has spent the last seven years as a sales executive at the London-based Odyssey Entertainment.

Degove will handle North America, Latin America, Asia, the UK, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East for Europa while Montironi will be responsible for continental and Eastern Europe, Turkey and Russia.

In the press release, EuropaCorp said the new organisation would reinforce the presence of the group at the international level.

Former international sales executive Gregoire Melin, who was with Europa since its inception, recently left the company.