Cartoon Movie's annual Forum for European Animation Films is billed as "neither a fair nor a festival, but rather a co-production forum where European producers can negotiate the financing of their feature-length projects and provide support to international co-operation". It combines trailer presentations, business meetings and screenings with the chance to socialise.

Around 500 producers, financiers, sales agents and buyers will converge on Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany, for this year's event (March 7-9). It brings together important players, whether investors, producers or distributors, to stimulate co-production.

Some 62 projects were submitted this year, and 42 selected. There are 10 finished films, and the opening title is Philippe Leclerc's The Princess Of The Sun (sold internationally by Paris-based Rezo Films International).

Cartoon Movie's Annick Maes says the event "gives quite an overview of what is happening". Certain titles, for example Lotte From Gadgetville, have passed through Cartoon Movie both at development stage and as completed films. Notable titles to emerge include Kirikou, Help! I'm A Fish and Asterix And The Vikings. This year, buyers for new platforms, whether games or mobile phones, have also been invited.