The European Film Institute (EIKK), based in Karlsruhe, Germany, is launching a new initiative, entitled EUR*USA, aimed at improving collaboration between film-makers from Europe and the US.

The initiative, which will be added to EIKK's existing student placement programme for European film school graduates, is divided into three strands:

  • EUR*USA 1 will concentrate on inviting US film-makers to visit Europe and participate in film festivals and other industry meetings as guests and tutors to share their knowledge and experience. Part of the finance for these visits may be picked up by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which will assist EIKK in selecting the filmmakers through its Visiting Artists Programme.
  • EUR*USA 2 will send professional European film graduates to work on commercial film productions in the US. There will be particular emphasis on managerial and pre-production skills as well as script development and new technologies.
  • EUR*USA 3 will open up EIKK's continuing Student Placement Programme to US film students to find them internships on commercial film productions shooting in Europe.
  • EIKK recently won a $95,000 subsidy from MEDIA 2 to last until the end of 2001. This brings its total budget to about $200,000 enabling it to fund 16-20 internships in Europe and the US. However, Brussels funds will not be spent on bringing American students to Europe.