European Film Market Sales (Sales company in brackets)

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Apres Lui (Films Distribution)

The Argentine/ Guerrilla (Wild Bunch)

The Baker (Bankside)

Balls Out - The Gary Houseman Story

Bank Job (Arclight Films)

Before The Rains (Maximum)

Black Ice (Bavaria Film International)

Bob Marley documentary (untitled) (Fortissimo)

CATcher - Cat City 2 (Hungaricom)

Cherry Blossoms - Hanami (Bavaria Film International)

Concrete Romance (Visual Factory)

CSNY: Deja Vu (Fortissimo)

Dark Floors(Nordisk/Trust)

Daydreams(Pyramide International)

Diminished Capacity

The Divine Weapon (CJ Entertainment)

Donkey Punch (Lumina)

Drag Me To Hell

Egon & Donci (Hungaricom)

Fate (CJ Entertainment)

Fighter (Delphis Films)

Fly Me To The Moon (nWave Pictures)

Frozen River

Gnomes & Trolls (NonStop)

Gomorra (Fandango)

Gonzo (Magnolia Pictures International)

Hamlet 2 (Focus Features International)

Heavy Metal In Baghdad (Lumina)

The Hideout (Visual Factory)

Holding Trevor (Stray Films)

Homecoming (Voltage Pictures)

Honeydripper (Rezo)

Jar City(Nordisk/Trust)

Just Another Love Story(Nordisk/Trust)

The Killing Room (ContentFilm International)

Lemon Tree (Films Distribution)

The Living End(Fortissimo)

Mama's Boy(Fortissimo)


A Man Who Was Superman (CJ Entertainment)

Mongol (Beta Cinema)

Paranormal Activity (IM Global)

Personal Effects (Voltage)

Quid Pro Quo (Magnolia Pictures International)

Quiet Chaos (Fandango Portobello)

Seraphine (Roissy)

Shelter (IM Global)

Shine A Light (Fortissimo)

Splinter (ContentFilm International)

Summer of Fear (Visual Factory)

Timecrimes (Magnolia Pictures International)

Tokyo Sonata

Tout Est Parfait(Seville International)

Turkey In The Straw (Elephant Eye Films)

The Vanishing Point (Films Distribution)

The Waiting Room (Maximum)

Winky's Horse (Delphis Films)

Woman On A Beach (Mirovision)