One day on from theannouncement that Mads Mikkelsenhad been cast as the next James Bond villain two more high profile additionshave been made, including the elusive information of who would play Bond girlVesper Lynd opposite new James Bond, Daniel Craig.

French actress Eva Green hasbeen cast as Casino Royale'sleading love interest. The announcement came from producers Michael G Wilsonand Barbara Broccoli, MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment out of Los Angeles late on February 16.

The series' recurring CIA character Felix Leiter has also been cast,with acclaimed actor Jeffrey Wright filling the role.

Danish-born actor Mads Mikkelsen was confirmed asplaying bad guy Le Chiffre on February 15 by directorMartin Campbell on set in Prague.

Of the key casting, whichhas been the subject of intense speculation since filming started three weeksago, Wilson and Broccoli said, "We are thrilled that Eva and Mads have joined the cast of Casino Royale completing a first rateinternational cast. They bring exceptional talent to the characters Ian Flemingdescribed so vividly in his first JamesBond novel."

"Vesper is a pivotal role inCasino Royaleand it takes much more than beauty to make this role work," said AmyPascal, Chairman of the Columbia Pictures Motion Picture Group. "When youthink about the great James Bondadventures, of course you think about action and espionage, but you need tohave palpable sexual tension in the movie and in casting Vesper, we reallyneeded to up the ante, because this character is very much an equal to Bond andcentral to our story."

Green made her debut in BernardoBertolucci's TheDreamers but is best known to general audiences for her leading role inRidley Scott's 2005 summer release Kingdom Of Heaven.

Wright takes on a characterthat has been played by more actors than the James Bond role. Originated onscreen by Jack Lord in Dr No, Cec Linder took over in Goldfinger, Rik Van Nutter in Thunderball and Norman Burton in Diamonds Are Forever - all opposite SeanConnery. David Hedison played the role in RogerMoore's first adventure, Live & LetDie, and would return to the character for 1989's Licence To Kill, Timothy Dalton's finalouting in the lead role. In between John Terry had played thecharacter in The Living Daylights.

Wright caught attention andcritical acclaim playing Jean Michel Basquiat in 1996'sBasquiat. Recently he has starred alongside BillMurray in Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers and as part of the ensemble cast of Stephen Gaghan's Syriana. This year will also see him in M Night Shyamalan's Lady In The Water and Oliver Hirschbiegel'sThe Visiting.

Mikkelsen is a leading figure in Danish cinema appearing insuch films as last year's hit Adam'sApples. He is probably best known to international audiences for his rolein 2004's King Arthur.

Other cast members alreadyannounced include Judi Dench returning to her role asM for a fifth time, Giancarlo Giannini as Mathis, Caterina Murino as Solonge, Simon Abkarian as Dimitrios, Tobias Menzies as Villiers, Ivana Milicevic as Valenka, Clemens Schik as Kratt, Ludger Pistor as Mendel, andClaudio Santamaria as Carlos.

Despite filming for threeweeks Judi Dench told reporters on set on February15, when Mikkelsen's casting was announced, she hadonly just started working with Craig, "I only started working with Danielyesterday."

Campbell previously directed 1995 Bond title GoldenEye, which introduced Pierce Brosnan as the character he would then play in threesubsequent films.

Casino Royale marks the franchises' 21st official outing havingalready grossed a collective $3.66bn worldwide in theatrical revenues. The filmstarted shooting at Prague's Barrandov Studios onJanuary 30 and will release worldwide on November 17. The project is utilisingseveral locations around the Czech Republic, including spa town Karlovy Vary.

Broccoli emphasised thatalthough the project is filming in the Bahamas, the Czech Republic and Italy, the franchise has not abandoned the U.K. "We will be shooting at Pinewood but also inother countries," she said.

Theodore Schwinkecontributed to this report.