While Mikael Haafstroem's adaptation of Jan Guillou's autobiographical bestseller, Evil (Ondskan), is still dominating the local box-office, he has started shooting his new film Strandvaskeren (literally 'the body washed ashore') outside Stockholm.

A co-production between Hans Lonnerheden's Greta Film and Nordisk Film's H.P. Lundh, the SKR16.8m psychological thriller takes place at a community school, where a young girl writes about a local legend about the body of a murderous farmer which was never found. Suddenly students begin to disappear and it seems that the story wasn't just a legend.

The film stars Rebecka Hemse, Jesper Salen, Kjell Bergqvist and Anders Ekborg among others, and it will be distributed by Columbia TriStar Films in Sweden and Nordisk Film in Scandinavia. Nordisk Film International Sales handles international sales, as they do on Evil, which has now passed 400,000 admissions.

Before adapting the most widely read Swedish novel through 20 years, Mikael Haafstroem directed the Carl Hamilton thriller Vendetta (1995) and the comedy drama Days Like This (2001), as well as co-wrote the Josef Fares' box-office hit Kops (2003).