Ewan McGregor will star inGerald McMorrow's Franklyn, whichwill shoot on location in the UK in summer 2007.

UK stalwart Jeremy Thomas isproducing McMorrow's feature film debut based on his original screenplay. Thestory is about four lost souls in a futuristic London society where there is noseparation between church and state.

HanWay Films is handlingsales.

"We are delighted to beworking with a visionary young director who promises to deliver an incrediblystylish film, and we're excited that the project has attracted an actor of thecalibre of Ewan McGregor," said HanWay CEO Tim Haslam.

Added Thomas: "We'verecently produced wonderful first-time features from Jonathan Glazer and DavidMackenzie, and think this story will have an impact with audiences everywhere."

McMorrow previously didcommercials work and made the short film Thespian X, which won the TCM Classic Shorts Film Competitionand was acquired by Dimension Films in the US.