The International Documentary Association (IDA) kicks off its 13th annual DocuWeeks theatrical showcase today.

The showcase has now expanded from one to three weeks, today through August 20 in both Los Angeles in New York.

The series will present 18 feature films and 10 short films, giving them a theatrical run to be eligible for Academy Awards considerration.

Screening at the IFC Center in New York and/or Arclight in Los Angeles are:
Garbage Dreams by Mai Iskander (US)
Hunting Down Memory by Thomas Lien (Norway)
Racing Dreams by Marshall Curry (US)
Severe Clear by Kristian Fraga (US)
Tapped by Stephanie Soechtig (US)
Yes Madam, Sir by Megan Doneman (Australia)
Dirt! The Movie by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow (US)
Mugabe And The White African by Lucy Baily and Andrew Thompson (UK)
Smile ‘Til It Hurts: The Up WIth People Story by Lee Storey (US)
Soundtrack For A Revolution by Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman (US)
Split Estate by Debra Anderson (US)
Sunrise/Sunset: Dalai Lama XIV by Vitaly Manski (Russia)
Kimjongilia by NC Heikin (France/US)
Living In Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders by Mark N Hopkins (US)
Rock Prophecies by John Chester (US)
Saint Misbehavin’: The Wavy Gravy Movie by Michelle Esrick (US)
The Sari Soldiers by Julie Bridgham (US)
Sweet Crude by Sandy Cioffi (US)

Shorts screening in New York are: Andreas Koefoed’s 12 Notes Down, Martina Radwan’s Aliens Among Us, Kim A Snyder’s Crossing Midnight, and Barket Konopka’s Rabbit a La Berlin.

Shorts screening in New York are: Michael Agnus and Murray Fredericks’ Salt, Barney Broomfield’s Far From Gone, Eva Weber’s The Solitary Life Of Cranes, Zeus Quijano Jr’s Point of Entry and Frank Stiefel’s Engelore.

Sponsors include Langley Productions, HBO Documentary Films, CNN Image Source, Fotokem and b-side.

The full schedule is available at