The UK's Federation Against CopyrightTheft (FACT) has re-launched its website with more emphasis on newsand information for the media as well as updates on currentlegislation related to film piracy and a web-based form for consumers to reportpirate activities.

"Thenew FACT website addresses consumers, journalists and law enforcement and wesee it as a critical tool in pushing our messaging out to as wide an audienceas possible," said Eddy Leviten, FACThead of communications. "We will bekeeping the site regularly updated and will also be adding increasedfunctionality and features over the coming year."

FACT also has another new initiative, which is branding alicensed taxi in London. The taxi is now on the road - available for hire off thestreet or through prior arrangement - branded on all sides and the roof withthe FACT logo, website, and film piracy hotline number.