FACT, the UK's Federation Against CopyrightTheft, announced that a police raid on a Glasgow flat has closed the largest illegal DVDdistribution facility discovered in Scotland to date. More than 25,000 DVDs were seized.

Strathclyde Police arrested a manfor allegedly selling illegal DVDs on the street, and then discovered thefacility based on the address the man gave them. FACT said the distributioncentre was run by Chinese nationals.

A FACT investigator identified thematerials as FACT members copyright material,including recent films such as TheChronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and theWardrobe.

In a separate investigation, FACTassisted in the seizure of several thousand DVDS in a raid on a house inPeckham, South London. That raid resulted in the arrests of four Chinese males.

"The seizure of such a large quantity ofillegal DVDs in Scotland and also the raid in South London shows that theproblem of film piracy is one that affects the whole of the UK," said Raymond Leinster, director general of FACT. "FACT is determined towork together with the Police and other enforcement bodies to ensure that wecontinue to break the supply chain and disrupt the distribution of piratematerials."