UK-based Fact Not Fiction Films is planning an April DVD launch of its feature documentary Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines.

The 93-minute film is an investigative documentary about how airline crews and passengers can be exposed to hazardous chemicals in unfiltered air.

Fact Not Fiction founder Tristan Loraine was a commercial airline pilot and captain for 25 years before being forced to retire due to ill health. He set up the production ocompany in late 2006.

Loraine has also written a novel about the topic, Toxic Airlines, which will be adapted into a feature called Shadows From The Sky. Hayley Westenra is attached to the thriller, which will shoot in mid-2009.

The company is also working on other documentaries including Flying Sheilas, about Australian female pilots, and a feature entitled 31 North 62 East which will start shooting in summer 2008.