Three Swedish features drew a tie with four nominations each for the Guldbagge (Golden Bug), the Swedish local film awards. The Swedish Film Institute announced that of the 11 films which will be considered for this year's awards, these three took the lead for nominations: Jesper Ganslandt's Falkenberg Farewell, Ylva Gustavsson-Catti Edfeldt's Kidz in da Hood and Anders Nilsson's When Darkness Falls.

Falkenberg Farewell and Kidz in da Hood were both nominated for Best Feature, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay; When Darkness Falls was also named for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

The third contender for Best Feature is Mans Marlind-Bjorn Stein's Storm.

Storm and Morten Klingberg's Offside will compete in two categories, while seven other titles each have one chance for a prize. Local distributor Sonet Film accounted for a total of 16 nominations, having produced or co-produced five entries, and released Falkenberg Farewell.

Lena Nyman is considered for a Guldbagge for Best Supporting Actress for White Trash, almost 40 years after she won one for I Am Curious - Yellow.

Produced by Anna Anthony for Memfis Film, Falkenberg Farewell follows five childhood friends, who have become young men, during their last summer on the seaside. The film was selected for the Venice Days and Zabaltegi sidebars in Venice and San Sebastian; it is Sweden 's official candidate for an Oscar nomination as Best Foreign-Language Picture.

An 2006 update of Sweden's Guttersnipes (1944, 1974), Kidz in da Hood is the story of an immigrant girl who goes into hiding with a Swedish boy, when her grandfather dies, before she has got her residence permit. Selected for Berlin 's Generation Kplus competition, the film was produced by Peter Holthausen and Pontus Sjoman for Gilda Film.

Produced by Joakim Hansson for Sonet Film, When Darkness Falls - which will be screened in Berlin 's Panorama - sees violence entering the lives of two sisters acting against their family's code of honour; two bouncers at a popular club attacked by a criminal; a journalist pressing charges of spousal abuse against her husband.

The Guldbagge committee nominated three films for Best Foreign Feature, including Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's Volver, Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's US production of Babel, and German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's The Lives of Others. Awards will be handed out on Jan 22.