Film and Music Entertainment and director Dominic Murphy have added Iain M Banks’ adaptation A Gift From The Culture and an untitled Bronte project to their slate of films.

The films will be produced by the recently revived MASS Productions label, which produced Before the Rain and Benjamin Ross’ The Young Poisoner’s Handbook in the 1990s. MASS Productions is jointly owned by Mike Downey and Sam Taylor of Film and Music Entertainment together with the director.

Murphy, whose debut feature White Lightnin’ picked up the Hitchcock D’Or Grand Prix for best picture at the Dinard film festival earlier this month, will direct both projects. He is also co-writing the screenplay for A Gift From The Culture with White Lightnin’ writer Shane Smith.

The Bronte project will examine the relationships between the four Bronte children and the miniature fictional children’s world that they created. Murphy is currently researching potential writers for the project.

The slate also includes Biafra-set Jesus Christ Airlines (working title), which was announced last year and is currently being scripted by Kit Peel, a former journalist and opera libretto writer, also to be directed by Murphy.

“Our partnership on White Lightnin’ worked out really well,” says Murphy. “We made an ambitious film with minimal resources and in tough conditions, so we are all enthused about going forward together in this new venture.”