UK-based production companyFilm and Music Entertainment (F&ME) has forged a Balkan alliance for TheBorder Post, the first feature onwhich all the new nation states created by the break-up of the SocialistFederal Republic of Yugoslavia are collaborating as co-production partners.

Set in late 80s on theMacedonian/Albanian border and centring around a military commander with a badcase of syphilis, F&ME's partners include include Refresh Production (Bosnia andHerzegovina), Sektor film (Macedonia), Yodi Movie Craftsman (Serbia andMontenegro), Propeler film (Croatia) Novotny &Novotny Filmproduktion (Austria), and Emotion film/Vertigo (Slovenia).

The project is currentlyshooting in Macedonia.

Meanwhile, F&ME ispressing ahead with Spanish gothic thriller Anastezi, starring Derek Jacobi and Angela Molina. Set up as aUK-Italy-Spain co-production between F&ME, Rosanna Seregni's Sintra andMate Cantero's Mate Productions, it will shoot on location in Puglia on abudget of $6.3m.

Another Spanishco-production is thriller Mirror Maze, in collaboration with Rioja Audiovisual. Casting is also underway on CassandraAt The Wedding, Saul Metzstein'sfollow up to Jason Biggs starrer GUY X. The $12m film will shootin the UK in the fall of this year as a co-production between F&ME andFlaneur Films Ltd.

Also at the casting stage isFake, F&ME's long-gestatingdrama about the world's greatest art fraud Elmyr de Hory, a co-production withMatthew Justice's Lunar Films, while other upcoming productions include TheGirl and the Wolf, a co-productionwith Finland's Kinoproduction Oy, and Racer by Harald Sicheritz, with Helmut Grasser'sAllegrofilms.