Fangoria, thecult US horror magazine, is branching out into theatrical distribution. It isto handle the US release of Julian Richards' The Last Horror Movie. Thefilm will be rolled out in the States next month.

Tartan ishandling the film in the UK, where it will be put out on approximately 40prints in late June. The film, handled by Gavin Films, has also now been soldto Scandinavia (Nordisk), Germany (VCL), Mexico and Central America (Cine Ty YVideo)

Meanwhile,Richards' company Prolific Films has secured development funding from UKfinanciers Little Wing and from the Arts Council of Wales for a slate of newprojects, among them Long Dark Hours, a survival story about a hiker whohitches a ride with a serial killer. Kevin Howard will take the leading role.The script has been written by Chris O'Neill.

On a lessbloodcurdling note, Richards is developing Love Bites an observationalcomedy about London's singles scene.