Walt Disney's animated Fantasia 2000: The Imax Experience has taken over $20m after its first month of exclusive screenings in Imax theatres. Distributed by Buena Vista around the world, Fantasia 2000 has been updated from the original masterpiece over a period of 10 years and at a cost of about $85m. The exclusive large-format film - which is ten times larger than the traditional 35mm frame - is available until April 30 when the animation will be released on conventional screens.

Released day and date on January 1, 2000 at 75 theatres, many Imax records have already been broken and unprecedented screen averages recorded. In the US, with just a two-day opening gross (Jan 1-2) of $2,290,525 - a huge per screen average of $42,417 - Fantasia won a place at number 12 in the Top 30 chart.

In the UK, Fantasia has scooped $0.8m from three sites and is still enjoying screen averages of $30,000 after five weeks on release. Japan's four Imax theatres have taken $1.4m in 30 days, with the Tokyo IMAX enjoying full capacity for 24 consecutive days.

The highest grossing IMAX film to date is Everest, the MacGillivray Freeman documentary of a true account of climbing the mountain, which is poised to gross $100m from worldwide venues.