Spike Jonze's Adaptation and Plots With A View by Nick Hurran are to be the opening and closing films of Portugal's Oporto film festival

The 23rd edition of Fantasporto will be held between February 21 and March, 1 and will include a homage to Stephen King film adaptations and to the New Zealand cinema and the new Austrian cinema

The Fantasy competitive section will include:

Elysium - Jae Woong Kwon (Kor)
Undead - Spierig Brothers (Australia)
2009 Lost Memories - Lee Si-Myung (Kor)
Second Name - Paco Plaza (Spa)
Nos Miram - Norberto Lopez (Spa)
Darkness - Jaume Balaguero (Spa)
Deathwatch - Michael J Basset (UK, Ger)
Intacto - Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Spa)
Tattoo - Robert Schwentke (Ger)
Cypher - Vincenzo Natali (US)
Hypercube: Cube 2 - Andrzej Sekula (Can)
Dog Soldiers - Neil Marshall (UK)
Below - David N Twohy (US)
The Gathering - Brian Gilbert (US & UK)
Cabin Fever - Eli Roth (US)
A Snake Of June - Shynia Tsukamoto (Jap)
Ichi The Killer - Takashi Miike (Jap)
Doctor Sleep - Nick Willing (UK)
Wendigo - Larry Fessenden (US)
Volcano High - Kim Tae-gyun (Kor)
Say Yes - Kim Sung-hong (Kor)

The Director's week competitive section will include:

Secretary - Steven Shainberg (US)
Toy Love - Harry Sinclair (New Zealand)
Devil's Gate - Stuart St Paul (UK)
Nogo - Hibler/Ertl (Austria)
Bug - Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi (US)
L.I.E. - Michael Cuesta (US)
The Last Minute - Stephen Norrington (UK)
A Map Of The Heart - Dominik Graf (Ger)
Grill Point - Andreas Dresen (Ger)

The Oporto International Film Festival is held annually in February. The first edition of Fantasporto, as the festival is usually known, was held in 1981 and was non-competitive. All the following editions included a competitive section.