Shrek The Third kept the number one slot as it continued its fairytale stomp around the world's box offices, adding more than $58m during the weekend with strong openings in Germany, Spain and half-a-dozen smaller countries.

Among possible heirs to the throne, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer debuted at number one in Mexico and Australia, which helped speed its total to $56.6m, while third-place Ocean's Thirteen opened second in France and Brazil, boosting its returns to just shy of $100m.

Elsewhere, the other half of the Grindhouse double-bill ventured beyond North America as Planet Terror opened in a slew of medium-to-small dollar markets. Multi-market releases Evan Almighty, Eye In The Sky and Fragile(s) were all new entries, as were single-territory releases Black House (in South Korea), The Haunted Samurai (Japan), Steak (France) and Simply Actors (Hong Kong).

Analysis: International box-office Weekend June 22-24
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Shrek The Third (US)$58,034,9495,810$181,116,30141
2(4)Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$22,388,7835,121$56,612,62944
3(3)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$21,039,2975,404$98,314,23342
4(2)Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (US)$20,125,0008,981$584,603,00059
5NewBlack House (S Kor)$2,652,448328$3,299,6371
6(5)Zodiac (US)$2,455,9581,661$42,614,50541
7*Blades Of Glory (US)$2,240,925344$19,847,10211
8(7)Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (Ind)$2,131,683599$7,675,50916
9NewEvan Almighty (US)$1,857,112399$1,857,1122
10(10)Maiko Haaaan!!! (Jap)$1,829,348287$5,964,8821
11(6)Spider-Man 3 (US)$1,676,0322,551$546,995,69558
12(13)Fracture (US)$1,654,281982$32,860,31017
13(8)Hostel: Part II (US)$1,607,684998$5,009,14516
14*Captivity (US)$1,319,881431$2,574,5972
15(9)Death Proof (US)$1,155,057780$10,102,94417
16(21)Hot Fuzz (UK-US-Fr)$1,075,620543$52,392,62513
17(11)Conversations With My Gardener (Fr)$1,074,322539$5,550,8512
18NewThe Haunted Samurai (Jap)$984,095284$984,0951
19(12)300 (US)$966,327345$242,905,8595
20*The Hills Have Eyes II (US)$939,121272$14,585,0745
21(18)Surf's Up (US)$844,730354$5,718,4434
22(15)Sivaji (Ind)$825,706323$3,705,25213
23NewSteak (Fr)$814,498413$814,4981
24(14)Wild Hogs (US)$809,173781$81,705,00020
25(19)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$766,367541$42,985,4499
26*Next (US-UK)$763,060214$24,453,91915
27(16)Vacancy (US)$751,323362$3,261,5044
28NewSimply Actors (HK)$614,42134$614,4211
29*La Vie En Rose (Fr)$559,470262$58,202,66316
30NewEye In The Sky (HK)$542,554156$542,5544
31(29)Irina Palm (Bel-Lux-UK-Ger-Fr)$501,838224$2,674,6215
32(17)Hwang Jin Yi (S Kor)$488,862309$7,923,8511
33NewPlanet Terror (US)$486,823250$486,8232
34(22)Dai Nipponjin (Jap)$480,725221$7,905,1691
35(40)Mr Cinema (Chi)$476,855141$753,5662
36NewFragile(s) (Fr)$464,265223$464,2652
37(26)Mr Brooks (US)$391,640315$1,900,7867
38(25)Love And Other Disasters (Fr-US-UK)$384,993174$2,789,1441
39*TMNT (US-HK)$355,635374$38,388,69410
40*Priceless (Fr)$338,066260$20,089,0083
*Re-entry. For the full chart, see (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady