Source: Barunson E&A / dir Kim Jee-woon


The initial noise out of the Cannes Film Festival comes mostly from the 21 Competition titles but there are many, many more films playing at the event. Word of mouth takes time, but here are 15 titles which you should be hearing a lot more of soon.

Compiled by Screen’s executive editor, reviews and new talent Fionnuala Halligan.

Out of Competition

Dir: Kim Jee-woon.
Our critic said: “An entertainingly affectionate ode to film-makers and film-making.”
International sales: Barunson E&A
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Midnight Screenings

Dir: Just Philippot
Our critic said: “Combines aspects of the disaster film and the domestic drama, approaching each genre with understatement to deliver a modest study of personal and societal upheaval – and refusing to offer tidy resolutions on either front.”
International sales: Pathe Films
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The King Of Algiers
Dir: Elias Belkeddar
Our critic said: “Belkeddar’s feature directorial debut combines crime, comedy and romance and, although the different elements do not always mesh together seamlessly, they provide enough spark for a story about a bad man who tries to become a little more good.”
International sales: StudioCanal
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Special Screenings

Robot Dreams
Dir: Pablo Berger
Our critic said: “The film’s visual design is relatively straightforward by modern animation standards, but that only allows the story’s unfiltered emotions to spring forth even more powerfully.”
International sales: Elle Driver
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Un Certain Regard

'Only The River Flows'


‘Only The River Flows’

The Animal Kingdom
Dir: Thomas Cailley
Our critic said: “Sets itself up as a brooding chiller, jump scares, freaky coups de cinéma and all, but gradually shifts gear to become more poetic and tender.”
International sales: StudioCanal
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If Only I could Hibernate
Dir: Zoljargal Puevdash
Our critic said: “This first Mongolian film to play in Cannes official selection is a drama which is rooted in the political but is never heavy-handed.”
International sales: Urban Sales
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Dir: Baloji
Our critic said: “This confident feature directorial debut suggests a bright future for a filmmaker with an appreciation for atmosphere and character.”
International sales: Memento International
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Only The River Flows
Dir: Wei Shujun
Our critic said: “Chinese cinema makes a sophisticated and stylish return to Cannes with this nimble noir.”
International sales: Mk2
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Dir: Stephanie Di Giusto
Our critic said: “Nadia Tereszkiewicz is terrific, playing the title role with charm and grace as a new bride unconcerned that her husband (Benoit Magimel) is shocked by her excessive body hair.”
International sales: Gaumont
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Directors’ Fortnight

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Source: Cannes International Film Festival

‘Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry’

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry
Dir: Elene Naveriani
Our critic said: “An irresistible central performance from Eka Chavleishvili adds to the appeal of a film that should readily connect with audiences who embraced titles like Sebastian Lelio’s Gloria or Blandine Lenoir’s I Got Life.”
International sales: Totem
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The Feeling That The Time For Doing Something Has Passed
Dir: Joanna Arnow
Our critic said: “A very adult comedy of sexual and emotional manners sees writer/director Arnow make her mark as a talent to watch.”
International sales: Loco Films
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Critics’ Week

Ama Gloria
Dir: Marie Amachoukeli
Our critic said: “A small film, but one whose subtle touch and generous spirit proves captivating.”
International sales: Pyramide International
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The Rapture
Dir: Iris Kaltenbäck
Our critic said: “Hafsia Herzi gives a consistently suspenseful, ever so slightly off-kilter performance as a Parisian midwife who takes a problematic interest in her best friend’s infant daughter after overseeing the birth.”
International sales: Be for Film
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Vincent Must Die
Dir: Stephan Castang
Our critic said: “Castang brings a fresh energy to that time-honoured jeopardy tradition with his entertaining debut feature, a tragicomic apocalyptic thriller which plays out a nightmare scenario with black humour and soulful reflections on the human condition.”
International sales: Goodfellas
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Cannes Classics

Dirs: Alexis Bloom, Svetlana Zill
Our critic said: “This doc, which features archival home-move footage on 16mm, is fashioned around the never-published memoirs of notorious rock chick Anita Pallenberg, voiced by Scarlett Johansson.”
International sales: Cinetic Media
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