'Doctor Who'

Source: James Pardon / Bad Wolf / BBC Studios

‘Doctor Who’

HQ: London

Launched: 2018 (following the merger of BBC Worldwide and BBC Studios Productions)

Main shareholder: BBC Group

Key staff: CEO Tom Fussell, CFO Lorraine Burgess

Turnover: $2.65bn (£2.09bn), 2022-23 financial year — figure includes channels and streaming operations

Labels: Majority or fully owned: Baby Cow, Clerkenwell Films, Firebird Pictures, House Productions, Lookout Point, Sid Gentle Films, Voltage TV (UK); Rapid Blue (South Africa); BBC Studios Nordic (Denmark). Minority owned: Boffola, Expectation, Mettlemouse, Moonage Pictures, Mothership TV, Turbine Studios, Various Artists (UK)

Recent deals: Voltage TV, Sid Gentle, Lookout Point, Firebird (2022)

Latest productions: Happy Valley (Lookout Point), Time series 2 (BBC Studios Productions), The Famous Five (Moonage), Constellation (Turbine), SixFour (House)

BBC Studios became a fully commercial operation in 2018, able to make shows for the first time not only for the BBC but also for rival broadcasters and platforms.

Its content studio — home to in-house division BBC Productions and owned labels such as House Productions and Lookout Point — derives three quarters of its revenues from outside the BBC, with clients including Apple, Prime Video, Disney and Netflix. Among its top shows are Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing With The Stars, Top Gear, Frozen Planet, Bluey, Sherwood and Doctor Who.

BBC Studios also houses the BBC’s channels and streaming business, home to the likes of UKTV, BritBox International and numerous free, ad-supported television (FAST) channels. Through its owned labels, BBC Studios is home to a string of top scripted production companies, among them Killing Eve producer Sid Gentle and Happy Valley’s Lookout Point.

Many of its labels’ interests stretch to film as well as television. Tessa Ross and Juliette Howell’s House Productions has recent credits including The Zone Of Interest and The Iron Claw, and Edward Berger’s upcoming Conclave. BBC Studios acquired a minority stake in Andrew Eaton and Tracey Scoffield’s Turbine Studios in 2022.