Ondog Varda by Agnes Marighella Berlin Film Festival

Source: Berlin Film Festival

Ondog, Varda by Agnes, Marighella

Screen critics select some of the best titles from this year’s Berlinale.


So Long My Son

Dir. Wang Xiaoshuai

Our critic said: “In So Long My Son, ‘Sixth Generation’ director Wang Xiaoshuai (Beijing Bicycle) constructs a complex family chronicle that spans four decades and depicts some of the repercussions, cultural and psychological, of Chinese national policy since the 1980s.”

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ondog c wang quan an

Source: Wang Quan’an


Dir. Wang Quan’an

Our critic said: “Wang returns with a hugely engaging, disgressively structured piece that combines a cosmic sense of landscape with intimate character drama; affecting performances, dazzling landscape photography and charismatic animal presence should earn critical applause and a more than respectable reception wherever accessible ethnographically-flavoured art cinema is welcome.”

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God Exists, her name is Petrunya

Dir. Teona Strugar Mitevska

Our critic said: “With God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya, Teona Strugar Mitevska makes her Berlinale competition debut with a sharp Macedonia-set satire about power, change and a woman’s place in a patriarchal world.”

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Out of Competition


Dir. Wagner Moura
Our critic said: “Brazilian drama Marighella is an urgent film in its commitment and cinematic intensity, and it could hardly be more timely. As Brazil faces a new far-right government under Jair Bolsonaro, Wagner Moura’s political biopic looks back to the dictatorship that subjugated the nation just a few decades ago and asks its audience to consider the role that militant rebels might play in the near future.” 
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Varda by Agnes

varda by agnes 2

Source: Cine Tamaris 2018

‘Varda By Agnès’

Dir. Agnès Varda
Our critic said: “Everyone’s favourite maverick nonagenarian guides us through a lively and engaging account of her inspirations, work practises and engagement with the audience.”
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All My Loving

Dir. Edward Berger
Our critic said: “An immersive study of three middle-class siblings as they face the day-to-day realities of deep middle-age, Edward Berger’s drama is palpably well-crafted and tremendously-acted, reinforcing the German director’s burgeoning reputation from his debut feature Jack to HBO’ series Patrick Melrose.”
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Dir. Rodd Rathjen

Our critic said: In surveying the plight of workers sold into modern-day slavery on Thai vessels, this brutal, powerful drama draws upon true tales and never shies away from the South East Asian industry’s punishing reality.

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Berlinale Special

Who You Think I Am

Dir. Safy Nebbou
Our critic said: “Juliette Binoche excels as 50-year-old woman who forms an obsessive virtual attachment, both to the younger man she initially friends on Facebook as a way of spying on her former lover, and to the desirable, 24-year-old avatar she creates for herself.”
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Generation 14plus

Knives & Skin 

Dir. Jennifer Reeder

Our critic said: Jennifer Reeder’s third feature [is] be no run-of-the-mill coming of age. Indeed, it may be the most anarchic and refreshing take on the American teen’s existential malaise since Heathers.

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Dir. Mark Jenkin
Our critic said: “With his first full-length feature, British director Mark Jenkin continues both his celebration of hand-made filmmaking and his chronicling of Cornish communities under threat from the modern world.”
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Sundance premieres at Berlin

The Souvenir (Panorama)

Dir. Joanna Hogg
Our critic said: “There seems little doubt that The Souvenir is a brilliant little gem, a rigorously-authentic, highly-personal and admirably-open memoir by a British director whose reputation is as slow-burning as her films.”
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Monos (Panorama)

Dir. Alejandro Landes
Our critic said: “With clear references to Lord Of The Flies, this meditative thriller from director Alejandro Landes (Porfirio) pushes into familiar terrain but seeks its own path, shifting our sympathies and broadening its perspective so that we see many of these characters as both victims and villains.”
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