Though only 19 years old, Kit Connor has been working as an actor for over a decade, across advertising, film, TV and theatre. Having been catapulted to fame by hit Net­flix show Heartstopper — playing the popular, sporty teen who surprises a gay schoolmate by returning his romantic interest — he is now getting the opportunity to take on fresh challenges, including two new feature films. “I remember a time when I was doing three auditions a day,” he says. “Going from that to suddenly projects coming my way, where it’s more of a collaboration, is exciting.”

Born in Croydon, south London, Connor describes falling into acting “by accident” when his parents enrolled him in classes to address his shyness. What he liked most about his early jobs was simply being on set: “It wasn’t until my first film that I started to think about acting as something I was enjoying, and that I might be able to do for longer than just my childhood.” That film was Christopher Smith’s 2014 festive comedy Get Santa, which later led to playing “older Reggie” in Elton John musical biopic Rocketman and a key role in Jessica Hausner’s drama Little Joe.

Connor has wrapped filming the male romantic lead in A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tomorrow, adapted from Laura Taylor Namey’s YA novel; and Belfast-shot whodunit One Of Us, directed by Stefan van de Graaff, in which members of a family start dying one by one at a funeral. The two projects are very different from one another. “I want to do things that are unexpected.

“I was looking for something super-challenging and out there,” he says of his role in One Of Us, “and this was exactly that. I’d like to be known as someone willing to take risks.”

Inspired by movie stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean, Connor is most keen to work in film but remains “very much in the market” for theatre roles, while more Heartstopper will follow season two which airs in August. One day, he hopes to take on another challenge: “Acting will always be my main gig, but I’d love to get to a point where I can direct.”

Contact: Rebecca Pumphrey, Independent Talent