Snowglobe (from let) Katrin Pors, Mikkel Jersin, Eva Jakobsen

Source: Snowglobe

Katrin Pors, Mikkel Jersin, Eva Jakobsen

Need to know: It is hard to go to a major festival and not see a production or co-production from Denmark’s prolific Snowglobe, which was founded by the trio of Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin and Katrin Pors in 2015. Past festival hits include Godless by Ralitza Petrova, The Untamed by Amat Escalante, Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra’s Birds Of Passage, Alejandro Landes’s Monos and Annemarie Jacir’s Wajib. Across Cannes 2021, the company had five projects including co-productions, and this year it brings Hlynur Palmason’s Iceland-shot Godland and Maryam Touzani’s The Blue Caftan to Un Certain Regard. The trio pride themselves on staying totally independent, while others around them consolidate; they build a community vibe at their office in Copenhagen’s trendy Refshaleoen. Their work is very international — whether pan-Nordic with the likes of Iceland’s Palmason or Norway’s Joachim Trier, or with Latin American or European filmmakers — but also encompasses Danish newcomers (Martin Skovbjerg, Jeanette Nordahl) and veterans (Soren Kragh-Jacobsen). Snowglobe is also growing the careers of three rising producers at the company: Giulia Triolo, Anna Dammegaard Søllested and Clara Kreinoe Jantzen.

Key personnel: Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin and Katrin Pors, producers and co-owners.

Incoming: Snowglobe likes to keep its development slate under wraps but reveals that it is working on its first TV series to shoot later in 2022: Cecilie Mosli directs Nemesis by writers Camilla Ahlgren, Hilde Susan Jaegtnes and Jenny Lund Madsen. It centres on a mother who takes fate into her own hands when her son is killed and justice falls victim to big politics. Other announced projects are new features with Ralitza Petrova and Martin Skovbjerg.

Katrin Pors says: “Competition is getting tougher and financing is shrinking, so the key is staying relevant, vibrant and never settling down. It’s about always evolving and challenging ourselves to become better.”