The French star of Netflix’s Fauda ,Apple TV’s Liaison and Terrence Malick’s The Last Planet particularly enjoys podcasts.

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Source: Sebastien Jardini

Laëtitia Eïdo

I met journalist Ava Cahen, who is now the artistic director of Cannes Critics’ Week, for an interview about Fauda and she became a fast friend. Ava is also a columnist on television and radio, writes books about cinema and series, and co-founded FrenchMania, a review site that takes “a loving look at French and Francophone cinema”. Who could I possibly get better recommendations from?

I admire Ava’s talent for discovering emerging directors and their work. This is gold for an actress, to help me open my eyes to future, potentially enriching collaborations.

I am part of a [French] actors’ network on Facebook, led by my acting coach, and a lot of them confess to binge-watching a lot of shows.

I enjoy picking up cinema or TV magazines in train stations or airports. Depending on where I’m flying, I read Première, Empire or So Film. But my affinity for nostalgia leads me to more classic magazines, like our French titles Les Cahiers Du Cinéma or L’Avant-Scène. I buy Le Film Francais from time to time to see which projects are in production.

I spend more time reading articles or gleaning information online. I mainly use IMDb Pro and Instagram, where at the end of the day you can find all the information you need gathered on both medias.

I watch French TV and listen to radio shows such as Canal+’s Le Cercle [on which journalists review the latest films and series] and One Hour In Series [on radio station France Inter, where journalist Xavier Leherpeur discusses the latest TV series]. They pique my curiosity about new films and series.

I enjoy listening to podcasts when I travel. Among my favourites are Critiques Séries [which includes reviews of new shows] and On Aura Tout Vu from Laurent Delmas and Christine Masson [devoted to all things cinema, including interviews with talent from France and across the globe], both of which are on France Inter radio.

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