French film magazine Positif celebrates its 60th birthday this May.

French magazine Positif was born 60 years ago this May, in Lyon and one of its leading writers, illustrious French film critic Michel Ciment, is also on Screen’s jury here in Cannes.

Viewed with Cahiers Du Cinéma as the most respected film magazines in France, Positif is known for having a wider scope, focusing not just on auteurs but on all the talent involved in film-making. “But we are also known for championing directors early on in their careers,” says Ciment, who has been contributing to its pages since 1963. “We have had a wonderful relationship with directors like Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, because we supported them from the beginning.”

Now, thanks to a publishing deal with the Institut Lumiere and Actes Sud, the magazine is in colour for the first time and is enjoying a record readership of around 40,000.

Of course, Cannes has a central place in the magazine. “Every July issue we review about 75 films from Cannes,” says Ciment. “We are always looking for new talent at the same time as following great masters like Resnais.”