2003 Productions has announced its second project, the upcoming L'Ex Femme De Ma Vie, to be directed by Josiane Balasko.

2003, founded by Warner Bros. France president Francis Boespflug will co-produce the Euros 8.2m film with Ice3 - the production venture jointly run by Louis Becker and actor Thierry Lhermitte - and Balasko's production outfit Josy Films, the company confirmed Monday.

The film is the second outing from 2003 Productions, owned in part by Warner Bros. The company's first film is Jean-Pierre Jeunet's upcoming A Very Long Engagement.

L'Ex Femme could help to quieten voices which have been very vocal in their protest of 2003 Productions' right to access state funding. The controversy stems from the fact that 2003 is Warner-based and thus considered by many to be a back door attempt by the Americans to get their hands on French funding.

Following several months of debate, France's National Cinema Centre (CNC) deemed the company majority French owned and thus granted it access to the same benefits as any other French producer.

L'Ex Femme is a majority French film and will be shot in the French language.

Thierry Lhermitte will reprise his role from the stage play upon which the film is based as a man whose ex wife turns up 6 years after their divorce to try and win him back. Karin Viard stars as the ex-wife alongside Nadia Fares and Balasko who have smaller roles. The film is adapted by Balasko from her own play originally produced in 1989.

Shooting will begin January 26 in Paris. Warner Bros. confirmed it would handle local theatrical and video distribution.