The Venice Biennale is revamping the front of its historicPalazzo del Cinema to give it a glitzy new look for the upcoming 61st VeniceFilm Festival (Sept 1-11, 2004).

Biennale president Davide Croff has hired world-renown setdesigner Dante Ferretti (Gangs of New York, Cold Mountain, The Aviator) to work on the Palazzo's new look, as well as toparchitect Matteo Thun.

This year, onlookers will see stars such as Tom Hanks andCatherine Zeta

Joneswaltz up the red carpet in front of a giant 11m-high screen that will entirelycover the front of the Palazzo.

The new look will also see 60 golden lions (representing thepast editions of the festival) grace the front of the Palazzo on stands ofvarying heights that will be set out like chess pieces. The white plastic andsteel stands bearing the lions will light up at night.