Mataharis (Sp)

Dir: Iciar Bollain

Spanish actor-turned-director Bollain returns to San Sebastian after winning several awards at the festival in 2003 for domestic violence drama Take My Eyes. Mataharis is a $4m drama that tells the stories of three female detectives trying to juggle their working and private lives.

Bollain admits the "expectation levels are high after Take My Eyes. But we have been doing screenings in Spain and the reaction has been good." Her own company, La Iguana, co-produces with Sogecine. Sogepaq will release in Spain on September 29 with Indie Circle on board to distribute in France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Int'l sales: Sogepaq, (91) 758 31 63

Kill Them All (Matar A Todos) (Uru-Chile-Arg)

Dir: Esteban Schroeder

Schroeder's second feature after El Vinedo is a political thriller based on a true story about a female judge who investigates the kidnapping of Eugenio Berrios, a Chilean expert on chemical weapons wanted as a witness by the international authorities. The $700,000 film is co-produced by Morocha Films (Argentina), Parox Films (Chile), Guazu Media (Uruguay) and Surfilm in Germany. The cast includes Roxana Blanco, Dario Grandinetti and Walter Reyno.

Contact: Pablo Salomon, (541) 1 4552 8372

Seven Billiards Tables (Sp)

Dir: Gracia Querejeta

Querejeta makes her third appearance in competition at San Sebastian, after winning a special directorial mention for her 1999 entry Cuando Vuelvas A Mi Lado. Her latest effort tells of a woman forced to rebuild her life after the death of her father and the mysterious disappearance of her husband. Querejeta says she is "nervous, but hopeful" the $4m film, produced by Elias Querejeta Producciones Cinematograficas, will sit well with the jury at the festival. It is set for release in Spain on October 5.

Contact: Elias Querejeta, (91) 345 71 39

Shadows In The Palace (S Kor)

Dir: Kim Mee-jung

This Korean costume thriller is about the suicide of a maid-in-waiting which sparks an investigation by the imperial medic, Chun-ryung, who suspects murder. Produced by Achim Pictures, Shadows In The Palace is the $3.5m feature debut from Kim Mee-jung. It stars Park Jin-hee (Whispering Corridors) and Yoon Sae-ah (Blood Rain).

Int'l sales: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 2017 1195.