Gunnar Bergdahl is steeping down as head of Sweden's Gothenburg Film Festival, the most important meeting place for the Nordic film industry.

Bergdahl has been involved with the festival since 1987 and has been responsible for its diverse programme since 1994. The festival, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, will now appoint a replacement as festival director and artistic leader. Bergdahl, who directed the documentaries The Voice Of Bergman and The Voice Of Ljudmilas, will be available for the transitional period.

"These years have been fantastic, stimulating and very amusing, filled with great experiences of which the successful 25th anniversary this year is one," he said. "The film festival will always have a place in my heart but now it is time for renewal."

Among the new Nordic films which screened at this year's event were Denmark's Shake It All About, Norway's Dragonflies, Finland's Life Of Aleksis Kivi, Iceland's The Seagull's Laughter and Sweden's Reunion. Next year's event takes place between Jan 24 - Feb 3.