Annie Griffin's ensemble comedy Festivalheadsthe contenders for this year'sBAFTA Scotland Awards with six nominations including best film.

Writer/directorGriffin's feature debut took its inspiration from Robert Altman'sNashville and casts a jaundiced eye over the agonyand the ecstasy of theannual arts Festival in Edinburgh.

GabyDellal's On A Clear Day starringPeter Mullan has received three nominations including best film. Mullan himself is a surprise omission in the best actorcategory where Festival's Chris O'Dowd and Stephen Mangan have been selected as the only two nominees.

RichardJobson's soulful love story A Woman In Winter is the final best film contender and Jobson has also beennominated as best director.

Othernotable nominees including Shirley Henderson as best actress forher performance in Frozen.

Thewinners will be announced at a ceremony in Glasgow on November 13.

Fulllist of Film Award nominees

BestShort Film

Dupe (Directed by Chris Waitt, Produced by Henry Trotter. Yummo Productions)

Cotopaxi(Directed by Zack Copping, Produced by Amber Parsons.GMAC)

VagabondShoes (Directed by Jackie Oudney, Produced by Winnie Li& Maddy

Easton.Ugly Duckling Films)


ABus Ride And Flowers In Her Hair (Directed by AsafAgranat, Produced by

DonaldHolwill. Edinburgh College of Art)

CannonMan (Directed by Douglas Neilson, Produced by StephenAnderson.

KelpieFilms, Glasgow)

TheTrue Story of Sawney Beane (Directed by Elizabeth Hobbs,Produced by

KatjaAnderson & Michael Fukushima. Red Kite Animation, Edinburgh)


Festival - Annie Griffin

NightPeople - Adrian Mead & Jack Dickson (Produced by Clare

Kerr.Mead Kerr Productions, New Found Films: SMG Television/Scottish


OnA Clear Day - Alex Rose


Festival - Annie Griffin

OnA Clear Day- Gaby Dellal

AWoman in Winter - Richard Jobson

BestActor in a Scottish Film

Festival - Chris O'Dowd

Festival - Stephen Mangan

BestActress in a Scottish Film

Frozen - Shirley Henderson(Directed by Juliet McKoen, Produced by Mark

Lavender.RS Productions/Guerilla Film Distribution)

Festival - Daniela Nardini


Festival (Directed by Annie Griffin, Produced by Chris Young. Young Pirate

Films,Pathe Film Distribution)

OnA Clear Day (Directed by Gaby Dellal, Produced bySarah Curtis & Dorothy

Berwin.Forthcoming/InFilm Productions, Icon Film Distribution)

AWoman in Winter (Directed by Richard Jobson, Produced byChris Atkins,

RichardJobson & Hamish McAlpine, Vestry Films/Tartan Film Distribution)