The Cannes Film Festival has announced a line up of restored classics which will be screened during the fortnight in the Salle Bunuel.

The program, which began last year, is a way to help audiences discover rare films and to provide them with the opportunity to see cinematic treasures in their finest possible version.

The series will begin Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali's legendary dada work, Un Perro Andaluz. Reflecting the emphasis on Italian cinema at this year's festival, three Italian features will screen along with four documentaries devoted to Federico Fellini. And, in a special tribute, three films from the body of work of Michael Curtiz will also be shown.

35mm print screenings
Un Perro Andaluz - Luis Bunuel/Salvador Dali (1929)
C'eravamo Tanto Amati - Ettore Scola (1974)
The Evergreen - Shin Sang-Okk (1961)
In Cold Blood - Richard Brooks (1967)
La Marseillaise - Jean Renoir (1938)
This Sporting Life - Lindsay Anderson (1963)
I Dolci Inganni - Alberto Lattuada (1960)
Shock Corridor - Samuel Fuller (1963)
Soy Cuba - Mikhail Kalatozov (1964)
Il Vangello Secondo Matteo - Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964)

Digital High Definition Screenings
Le Roi Et l'Oiseau - Paul Grimault (1980)
Mildred Pierce - Michael Curtiz (1945)
The Adventures Of Robin Hood - Michael Curtiz/William Keighley (1938)
Yankee Doodle Dandy - Michael Curtiz (1942)
Scarecrow - Jerry Schatzberg (1973)

Documentaires - Fellini
L'Ultima Sequenza - Mario Sesti (2002)
Ciao, Federico! - Gideon Bachman (1970)
La Double Vue: La Dolce Vita et le Neo-Realisme - Andre Delvaux (1960)
Federico Fellini - Carmen Piccini (2003)

Documentaries - About film
Charlie, The Life And Art Of Charlie Chaplin - Richard Schickel (2003)
Claude Sautet Ou La Magie Invisible - N.T. Binh (2003)
Lester James Peries, Cineaste d'Un Autre Temps - Julien Plantureux (2003).
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls - Keneth Bowser (2002)