Grandmother's Trip (El Viaje De La Nonna) (Mex)

Dir: Sebastian Silva

Silva's directorial debut is a story about a forgetful grandmother whose family try to convince her that she has travelled to Italy. Silva has already worked on more than 20 films as assistant director or second unit director, including Babel, Before Night Falls and The Air I Breathe. Altavista Films is producing and the cast includes Ana Ofelia Murguia, Veronica Langer and Rodrigo Murray. The film opens in Mexico in January.

Int'l sales: Altavista Films, (52) 555 201 9000

Aurora Boreal (Mex)

Dir: Sergio Tovar Velarde

Young Mexican director Velarde's debut feature is a touching portrait of a tormented 14-year-old who decides to commit suicide, leaving behind a testimony that reveals his anxieties. The film, produced by Astronauta Films and Atko Producciones, finished shooting in Mexico last month. The cast includes a range of young Mexican faces including Jose Luis Martinez, Renato Bartilotti, Miguel Ramos Arizpe and Erika Rosales.

Int'l sales: Edgar Barron, (52) 55 5543 1618

Fiestapatria (Chile-Peru)

Dir: Luis Vera

Persecuted and exiled from Chile when General Pinochet came to power in 1973, director Vera returns to his homeland to make this personal, emotional film about the impact of the dictatorship on two families with contrasting political perspectives. Fiestapatria stars some of Chile's leading actors including Patricio Contreras, Daniel Munoz and Katty Kowaleczko. Vera won the TVE Films in Progress award for Fiestapatria at last year's festival, guaranteeing its broadcast in Spain.

Contact: Luis R Vera Producciones, (56) 32 755 589

Las Ninas (Chile)

Dir: Rodrigo Marin

An intimate tale about the relationship between two women, Las Ninas was based on only 20 pages of script, filmed in 24 hours using three digital cameras with two actors who had never met before shooting began. A daring proposal from an emerging Chilean talent.

Contact: TBC

Through Her Own Eyes (Por Sus Propios Ojos) (Arg)

Dir: Liliana Paolinelli

Paolinelli's debut feature tells the story of a film student making a thesis documentary on prisoners' wives. Winner of the Films in Progress award at this year's Toulouse film festival, Through Her Own Eyes is produced by Mondragora Producciones (Argentina) with the support of Incaa (Argentina), Les Films Du Sud (France) and Fonds Sud (France).

Contact: Liliana Paolinelli, (54) 11 4554 1692.